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How to Protect Invention Patent in Vietnam?

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Inventions are created with purpose to people’s life convenience and consequently bring economic benefits to the inventor. As a result, protecting the intellectual property of inventions through patent registration in Vietnam is essential.

However, applicant of invention may find it difficult in declaring some of the information i.e. name of invention, field of use, technical status of field of use, technical nature and brief description while drafting an invention description that meets legal regulations in Vietnam.

To overcome this difficulty, applicant should take note the followings:

Name of the invention: name of inventions and name of inventor should be brief without promotion.

Filed of use: the invention registration application shall demonstrate the filed in which the invention is applied or related.

Technical status of field of use: the technical shall include information of prior known technical solutions until the priority date of the same application.

Technical nature of invention: the technical nature of the invention is the purpose that the invention need to get or technical problem that the invention shall solve to overcome disadvantage or shortage of the same technical solutions declared in “Technical status of field of use” part.

The description of constitutive signs of invention: The description shall declare new signs of the invention.

Brief description with enclosed images (if any): Applicant shall declare and submit clearly the scope of protection invention request in the description. The scope shall be presented briefly, clearly and fix with the description and images as stipulation of law on intellectual property.

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