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Does one need to trademark a company's logo and name?

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Trademark means a logo, brand name, product name, website name, word or punch line by which customers recognize or differentiate the products or services of one company from another.
Trademark registration means legally getting the right to use the brand name or trademark by getting a registration certificate from the Trademark office.

Brand name is the most valuable asset of the Company. Many brands in the world value their trademark more than their any other physical assets

Brand value is derived only when the company has absolute right over the brand name through trademark protection.

Protecting the name is equal to protecting the business.
-Protection against Copycats: Nobody will dare to copy your brand name once it is a registered trademark
-Helps in expansion of business and growth
-Trademark can be rented and royalty can be earned under licensing agreement. -Franchising model solely depends upon trademark licensing.
--Helps in image building and credibility in Market
-Customers give more preference to registered brands with TM tag.

When you register a trademark, the main purpose is to prevent people from stealing your name/logo, and provide you with a legal recourse against them if they do.

While neither is required, it's highly advised to do so with the assistance of an intellectual property attorney since the filing process with the USPTO can be a little complex.

Keep in mind that your logo and your company name require two separate filings with the trademarks office. The name protects just the name itself and separate from any font, colors, shapes, styling etc... When you register a logo, it provides protections over the exact shape, style, and orientation in that logo.

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