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Vietnam’s retail market has the highest growth rate in the region, therefore Lotte expects to grow further through setting up more retail business or M&A activity in Vietnam.

South Korea is the largest investor in Vietnam with over 4,000 enterprises, total investment in Vietnam as of July 2015 is 32.8 billion USD.
Among South Korean firms investing in Vietnam, Lotte Mart is one of the corporations with the most powerful investment force and they are leading in a number of areas with the models of retail, hotel, cinema…
Mr. Hong Won Sik, CEO of Lotte Mart Vietnam said that Vietnam’s retail market has the highest growth rate in the region, therefore Lotte wants to invest more. The target is to open 60 supermarkets till 2020 and now they have opened 11 supermarkets in Vietnam.
Some of the current Lotte shopping centers have made a big impression on Vietnam consumers and the investment from Lottle makes it to be one of the biggest players on the retail landscape in Vietnam.
ANT Consulting is here to assist you from the outset; providing intelligence, information, management or support and administrative services that assist market entrance, and ensure efficient business start-up operation. 
We strive to save your cost by guiding you towards economical solutions that comply with local legislation and procedures. We support you through early logistic solutions and carry you through as your business grows.  We aim to bridge the gap between international best practices and local cultures and assist foreign companies and organizations entering Vietnam market to overcome commercial and regulatory issues.
We could be reached at email: or tel: +848 3520 2779 .  To learn more about us, please visit

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